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When Letting Go and Disco Collides - The full story behind Xoe-B's 'Life In Color'

The whole genre of Disco is making a huge comeback and the full exploration of artists around the world who can give it their own spin is gold - And that's when Xoe-B get's into the picture with her new release about overcoming and getting stronger while still dancing insdie the line of the 'Disco groove'.

From the very beginning you want to dance - what else does it takes to make a hit ? Nothing.

This song, with it's amazing production, takes you to a round at the dance floor while still holding it's meaning close to hear.

It's a certain ability that not a lot of musician get's to have and it's to simply get you hooked into the song and later on you find out about the truth that lies between the thin line of bass guitars and 70's drum packs.

The story behind the song is like another stop at Xoe-B's journey in life.

She says that her last single were on the blue side of feelings but I can get that - an artist is traveling away in life like all of us and it's the good and the bad experience that shapes us to what we are supposed to become.

This track is translated as an ode dedicated to putting mind at ease and troubles behind us - and in the same breath, finding the good part and the next chapter in life.

Xoe-B by Lee Milner

A little bit about Xoe-B

The UK Based musician has already 4 singles and an EP before this track, performing all around the Kingdom and working with big writers such as Mellisa Bel (Avril Lavigne).

As a student at Water Bear College of Music she learns to make her own footsteps and grow by herself - And I bet the future holds her dearly and close to heart.

Check out 'Life In Color' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Xoe-B :

● Xoe-B

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