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We Said It First - Eryn Young is going to break the media soon. Check out her single 'EGO' and see

It's hard getting into the industry - You need connections, amazing music and most important : FIRE in your eyes. After a small knowing of this young artist there's a 95% you'll have her on Spotify's Top 100 and walking around near big shoes very soon.

Let's talk about EGO - A new Ariana with Canadian blood, and it's great.

This song holds the elements of Pop in it's pockets.

You have the tension of the lyrics, playing the relationship on a race-like pedestal together with synths in the background to get you in the mood.

On top of than you have the change in tempo and the brilliant production which shows how serious Eryn came to the business.

The singer says the song was co-written with Ina Bravo who, you guessed right, worked with a big amout of huge artists like Ariana Grande. The two collided into the songwriting process in order to, in her words, "to craft a playful storyline that explores relationship dynamics and manipulation."

It was always an issue and never was easy to solve, but like a grandmother's recipe - songs like these work as cure, and the more the merrier. Immediately I was reminiscing about a song called 'Mariposa' by the Peach Tree Rascals (A must have for sure).

Eryn Young by Alex Lieu

A little bit about Eryn Young

Toronto based uprising Pop-star with influences you can hear that came from Halsey, BTS, Billie Eilish and Tate McRae.

With only 22 years on this earth, she has got a lot more to offer in years to come - and you should definitely follow for her upcoming projects.

Check out 'EGO' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Ertn Young :

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