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Watching a Movie With Your Ears - Take a trip with Pennan Brae's 'Mona'

Putting aside the face this is a rock head-banger with a small amount of lyrics - It'll draws a scenery in your head and you'll 'see' a film for 4 minutes with only listening, amazing.

Canadian and Brit-Rock combined with Netflix. Impossible to say it's not attractive

The vibe from this song is like all the shows now on NF, It got a young blood running through it's veins and amazing riff to keep you on going throught the whole four minute length.

It's crazy how good you can get with practicing the mantra ' More is Less'. Its seems like this song is simple but it holds hours of hard work, story of two past loves and cool ideas all smashed in one place.

Pennan Brae

A little bit about Pennan Brae

With countless new tracks in 2021 alone, This artists holds it's own in making the music industry see how's it's done.

Being a musician and a film director is only part of a long list he can do.

Grab your time, find your earphones and play this on repeat.

Check out 'Mona' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Pennan Brae :

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