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This Is The EDM Comeback We Needed - Swing with Solven's new release, 'Save Me'

It's been a long time since House music has took it's turn and sat in the corner - now we got a revival in full emotions with Solven's new track and you have to play it in your next sit on the beach, next chill with your lads or for yourself in your headphones.

An amazing tribute-like to Avicii, together with strong powerful vocals - magnetizing

I found a lot of solace in this release - It has it's lyrics, talking about the undying love of deep feelings of trust, stringed together with webs of house music - making this song perfect for radio and every other occasion you could think of.

There is a lot of work behind the scenes you could see only if you really dive into the musical creation here - The hard work of the production here is notable and can not be ignored, Kudos Solven.

The vocals are clear, the kick is amazing and the vibe is incredible - a 100% must listen.


A little bit about Solven

Originally from Greece, music producer and artist Michail Papadatos, AKA Solven, is delivering an amazing thowback with a chance of bringing house back to mainstream.

Check out 'Save You' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Solven :

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