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The Nice Guy Syndrome - Clara Moschetta is Charging at us with the energetic release 'Nice Guy'

As a result of binging 'Sex Education' like all of us did - Clara raised a question mark for all of us Nice Guys / Girls / Non-Binary, why am I holding this mirror in front of me for all this time, or as she says 'Am I just another Nice Guy' ?

This release is Young, Complex and easy, an Ear candy for all of us to memorize by heart.

The song is torn apart for two and a half parts of it - everyone deserves an award for impersonating the different emotions we all feel when we get ourselves stuck in this situation.

At the beginning the atmosphere is like that blurred conscious trying to paint the colors in the picture - walking head strong to the second part of the song at 1:00, realizing the reality, reading the room and turning confusion into anger.

The production is Top-Tier and I love the bridge (the half in two and a half parts of the song) done with great precision and in the same time randomality.

Clara Moschetta

A little bit about Clara Moschetta

London based French-Pop singer songwriter (I just love musician with multiple-nationalities) is delievering a perfect dish to the table with her latest release.

With only 7 tracks behind her, she marches her parade with a torch of re-inventing herself and music in total, combining all the influences she inhaled until her present-self.

Check out 'Nice Guy' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Clara Moschetta :

● Clara Moschetta






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