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The New 'Paramore' Is Here - Bang your head to Anji Kaizen's new anthem 'Monster'

Like a perfect machinery, all the cogs work together in perfect harmony - This killer of a track collects amazing electric guitars, an electric bashing guitar solo, drums to make your head turn and vocals that is reaching highs in terms of both the singling and the melodies that'll become unforgettable.

Take Paramore and Skillet, combine the two into an ear-bliss dish and it's sure to be your new favorite female-led rock band single.

The song is quick and captivating - While a lot of artists perform a long release in order to span the lifetime of the song, Anji threw the gloves off and gave us a short single with a couple of verses, three choruses, a bridge and a guitar solo all packet into less than 3 minutes.

As the production tops a lot of rock-bands nowadays, it is amazing to experience of such a well produced piece of music - Giving us all a reason to follow Kaizen's musical career and actually turn us into fans in a single song.

Anji Kaizen by Ryan Harville

A little bit about Anji Kaizen

Atlanta based rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and everything you can think of, is after a big number of releases - Coming back with a head-smasher single to end 2021 in the best way music can.

Anji has big scores in the winning table, after she won the LaGrange Film Festival award for her musical work on her original soundtrack, she won recording time at the Columbus Songwriter Showcase and receiving the Griff Parrish Songwriting award.

There's so much for her to offer us so I urge you to go and subscribe for her site as I did - This is how bright futures are seen before the big breakout.

Check out 'Monster' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Anji Kaizen :

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