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The Irish Elite - You have to listen to the voice of Ireland, Rofi James's, new single 'Berlin Wall'

Alive, Kicking, Burning with pure Pop atmosphere - Rofi James do not disappoint for the second time with this release getting you hung on this song will be as easy as blinking.

The Vocals, The band, The idea - Is all just amazing, This is a bliss to any ears.

We all need to let loose a bit - and this song is written directly for this. After the pandemic, the Iris band had picket up the pen and took this idea a spin and came back with this energetic banger waiting to get into your playlist with ease.

Some will notice my biased music taste to Irish pop music, but these guys knows the business - They have it in their blood.

The vocals are amazing, with energy in the singer's lungs and then hits mountain's top in the chorus - Wow, Kudos.

The production, the guitar and the atmosphere the band built is remarkable and sure to be one of their most recognized songs in the future.

Rofi James by Steff Wylde photography

A little bit about Rofi James

After conquering the media with their last single 'Sorry' - The Galway based band has debuted a second phenomenon for us to enjoy. Look at this press shot - How can you not stan these guys ?

Check out 'Berlin Wall' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Rofi James :

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