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The Indie-Rock tide is RISING - Check out 'Try Again' by Anna Baldree

When the calm is also the storm - Is the perfect sentance to sum this song. It Rock, It's Pop, A little bit of Taylor Swift and a little bit Tonight Alive - Anna has brought us a captivating form of skills that make your ears happy as they can.

While the writing is about a breakup - Anna takes the torch on rising up against the hurt, and try again.

The production is vivid and crystal clear - You can hear the bass combines magically with the breathes of the singer.

The chorus is the part where you'll understand she has a lot of talent in making us want to listen - While using a small amount of words it's almost an instant until it's memorable.

The verses and the lyrics are the best approach I fancy towards bad break ups - A middle finger and just continue to move forward. This heartbreak has sat around everyone's house at least twice and this music is the reason we get to get out of that blues.

Anna Baldree by Kimmy Mascarella

A little bit about Anna Baldree

From playing little solo shows, Chattanooga, TN based artist is giving us a look at her talent with a single and a promise for another one in the next year.

Check out 'Try Again' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Anna Baldree :

● Anna Baldree




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