• Mike Robert

Straight out of the Happy Scene in a Movie - Hear 'Weekend Blues' by Poison Oak

In every movie ever there's always that one song the main characters dance and have the time of their life to - And the this just capture that image perfectly.

Soothing and familiar - It's old rock for all of the gold hearted

The song hides it's grace with simplicity and has many layers and parts to it with the chorus leading it's own choir of emotions.

I can see the characters in this make-belief hollywood movie where the run in fields, collecting memories all before the big fall in that movie.

Poison Oak - by Dave Chance

That moment is one of the purest in movies and really gives us a moment to breath before the fall - And that's how the song will meet you.

Check out 'Weekend Blues' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Poison Oak :

● Poison Oak






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