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Self Reflecting and Making a Change - Dive into Lomipo's new track 'Angels'

It's just amazing what interest and devotion when concentrated into listening to a song can take you (Especially on 2:14, Like wow) - And I found myself after 4 to 5 hears of this songs and kept going after finding out the meaning and story behind the song, Buckle up we're going on a ride !

How does it sound to learn about the song from the people who wrote it ? A special interview with the band down below !

After a quick chat between us I was profoundly amazed by these guys energy and felt the need to add more to the plate here - So here are the headlines, Let's go!

Myro : "With two singles out - How do you view this last single 'Angels' as a part of your growing process ?"

Lomipo : "We feel like ‘Angels’ is the most “us” single we have released from all three. It’s the first song we talk about what really sits on our hearts - we wrote ‘Angels’ on how we,

the people, are affected from the ongoing COVID-19 situation; How we divide ourselves into “caps”, polarizing with our opinions and thinking of ourselves as experts in so deep topics, or as we say it in our song: “…people talking like they know, ‘bout things they heard somewhere not long ago…”. We also talked about the loneliness aspect of it:

“…I don’t know who I was, I need you to show me, ‘cause not being alone doesn’t cure my lonely, I just wanted to know that I’m not the only one…”."

Myro : "What's the future plans for Lomipo as a project ?"

Lomipo : "Our future plan is to continue to release music every second month, while working on our media presence and growing our fan base. We hope that next summer we will be able to go on tour and perform in various music festivals. We plan an amazing show, just the two of us, Shia sings and plays the guitar and Orian is on the Drums, while interacting with pre-recorded sounds from our computer that will run live with us. It’s going to be something special, never seen before in that way. We really can’t wait to engage with our audience face to face and feel their energy as close and powerful as it can get."

Myro : "What is the next target your next release is going to pursue ?" Lomipo : "Our next target with this release is to keep growing our fan base. We tried to make a song both catchy and that represents us and who we are, and it is amazing to see so many people from all around the world enjoying it! With our next song we really want to tell our story and to let our fans dive deep into our world."

Myro : "When are we supposed to be expecting new and exciting upcoming music ?"

Lomipo : "Our next song is even more revealing and very intimate. It will be released on October 3rd, and will be entitled ‘New Man’. We can’t say too much, just that it’s totally different from everything you have heard of us until now, in a good way of course, and that it talks about Orian’s journey in NY. His journey or growth and self exploration as well as his

experiences and struggles in the Big Apple. He really opens his heart in this song and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!"

Myro : "What would you like to say to your outgrowing fan base ?"

Lomipo : "We want to thank each and every one of you that listens to our music, it really means the world to us. The amount of love we get from you all is just amazing and gives us

energy to keep pushing! We really try to engage and answer each and every one of you, and the task grows harder when our fan base grows as well, so we hope we will manage

to keep a close relationship with you all. We are so happy you are a part of our journey and we hope you will enjoy the ride"

Lomipo by Noy Finer

A little bit about Lomipo

The two met during an army service together that led to the whole band idea.

Just to make things clear, Shai is a vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and producer and Orian is the drummer, co-songwriter, pianist and co-producer.

While Shai and Orian joined hands on music, the two had different scenarios to grow up in. While Shai lived in a city that puts a stamp of pride on co-existence,

Orian was moving houses worldwide including India among the big number of homes.

Shai is a songwriter for Israel's top singers, including Mergui, Nadav Guedj and more, and working with top producers, including Yinon Yahel and Johnny Goldsteing, who produced the Black Eyed Peas' eighth album TRANSLATION.

Orian received two full-tuition scholarships both to The New School and to Berklee College of Music.

With 3 releases behind them - the band reveals that they have a total of 17 projects in the oven! (So better stay tuned, no kidding)

Can't wait to see them blow up - So hop on board when it's early, to tell everyone else YOU knew them first.

Btw, the name ? has a secret meaning and a funny one to my perspective. Would you like to know it ?

Check out 'Angels' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Lomipo :

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