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Self Empowering In Pink - Check out Serena Sophia's new hypnotizing release 'Butterfly'

After years of being inside the music business, Serena is bringing us more from herself - A song that started as a loop and ended up a Bop.

The creation and maturity of her music is remarkable.

The energy in this song is captivating, the guitars in the background are relaxing, the ad lips are a bliss and the whole atmosphere is like the color Pink - I can't quite put the right words in order why but you'll undersand immediately what I'm talking about.

This song started as an IG post Serena did - She made a guitar loop that is rooted in this release, and it caught the eye of Say Hello to Rufus (Ben Lobban) who produced this song and took it under his wing.

The musician tells the tale of the story in her words : "Butterfly is a song sung to herself, dealing with strength, self love and acceptance of her life. It is about allowing yourself to feel what you feel in the moment, being lost about everything but accepting this and finding out ways to turn this around." - just amazing.

Serena Sophia by Fraser Scott

A little bit about Serena Sophia

Glasgow based musician has so much of experience in the music business which is seen in her music vividly.

27 year old artist has been on radio shows like Cam Glen's, Amazing Radio, Pulse Radio and BBC Rapal and KISS FM. She has also featured on a number of established blogs together with some playlists including Apple Music editorial playlists for new Dance Tracks, Release Radar and more.

Check out 'Butterfly' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Serena Sophia :

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