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Rock, Good Deeds and Personal Sacrifice - Rival Karma's new single 'Jesus Is In Chico' is A MUST !

Before we dive into the elephant in the room, why is Jesus in California (Which he is and you'd be surprised) - Rival Karma's new single is a rock banger that has aced the production, the writing, the vibe and the story behind it to be one of their greatest.

A good song is a song that has you listening twice - once because it's great and twice to understand it and love it more.

At first hear - The guitar riff sweeps you off your feet, takes you where you wanna go and what you want to feel.

The energy is bursting, you feel like a live show is on, you can almost see the band performing and in the heart of all of it - lies the meaning of the song, that gives you the kick you needed to like the song even better.

The song enters the life of a touring band and how this lifestyle takes a high toll of the musician mental-health.

When you hear the song you can paint a picture-perfect of the Martin (Guitars and Vocals) singing when you are having a blast and you are missing the point when he says 'You don't every show a piece of my own never makes it home'.

As the drums moves your head naturally and you can't fight the urge of having fun, thanks to the amazing drummer PJ, you almost miss the meaning of the song - that a musician gives up on a big part of his life so you can have the night of yourlife on shows.

I didn't forget - How does Jesus find himself in the middle of Chico, CA ? Imagine yourself on tour (The dream, I know), running from town to town to meet and make good times happen for a big number of people nationwide.

Where the Duo found Jesus was not a religous metaphore but actually a part of real story, yes, in Chico.

After a long time of touring they were after a gig and didn't have a place to rest before the tour continues - And then, a young man called Jesus offered a place to stay at his own place ! If that's miraculous, it is to me. So in the honor of his good deed, they decided to name a song after him - a token for his goodness.

Rival Karma by Adam Dean

A little bit about Rival Karma

London based rock-Duo Shiah Maisel has been blowing up gigs all round Europe and West-coast US.

With influences like Queens of the Stone age, Led Zeppelin and the Black Keys, their first EP had good outputs like opening for the amazing Reignwolf. With all of us waiting for their second EP to release, We're gonna have some more new favorites by these guys.


Check out 'Jesus Is In Chico' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Rival Karma :

● Rival Karma

Website: www.rivalkarma.com

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