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Rock For the Witches - Dive into the 'Ballad of Abigail' by Linda

Somewhere between Guns 'N Roses and Nickelback lies a female fronted band called Linda with powerful rock for all the 90's lovers like me - All together with being amazingly good in telling a story.

The song takes you in his first 20 seconds.

The break at the beginning is surprising and will get you hooked for the rest. I'm going to leave it for you to understand and hear it for yourself.

This release is part of a collection of songs the band released filled with stories about brave and strong woman from across the timeline of the world.

The band wants to stretch out a hand for the listeners to know, learn and hear stories history isn't showing enough - about great women, like the female pilots in WW2 and

Linda by Istvan Haag

A little bit about Linda

Hungary based band is currently after an amazing album release and looking on the future with open arms.

After doing a live show of the whole album at the nationals of the Ultra Lights Navigation flying competition - The band is preparing towards an amazing musical journey.

Check out 'Balled of Abigail' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Linda:

● Linda






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