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Revive and Rejuice - Sink into deep euphoria with Lost Like Lions's latest banger 'Back to Life'

Let's start with just about one sentence that will captivate my mind with hearing this for the first time : Be prepared and open eyes wide for these guys - This track is amazingly produced and written, feast your ears with some Triple L bliss.

Pop-Punk in it's revival conquering 2022 with a storm - It's like hearing Sum 41's ballads for the first time

There's a moment in this song where the iceberg tips, tilts and breaks into a complete new atmosphere.

Lost Like Lions by Brandi Amoia Photography

The first verse is very gentle and than it builds to the point the guitars strick like hammers perfectly placed - constracting a beautiful machinery working non stop to enlarge the chorus which is captivating on it's on.

Truely I can't wait to dive into their other tracks and lose myself in a sea of bliss.

Check out 'Back to Life' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Lost Like Lions :

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