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Radio Material In It's Best - Check out Ge & Luke's new single 'You And Me' Feat. Victoria Grant

Holding every Pop element in it's grip - This release is simply a song you can listen for hours and have it anywhere, anytime, And still keep on playing.

The magic is in the air - Romantic, Simple and an ease to the heart.

This song is owning a special oura I don't usually encounter recently in songs - There's no worries somehow, the ease of the song is transfered perfectly and it hints of hits we all hear for forever.

Production wise, this is a masterpiece. The air of the song, the open atmosphere of this release is breathtaking, The vocalist is a bliss to ears and captivating like big singers around the Pop music community - truely and full hearted I am keen to see what more they can bring to the table, because this is amazing.

These Zurich based musicians have an amazing relationship with their music, wonderful and delicate that brings out gems like these - Can't wait for more.

Ge & Luke

Check out 'The Imitation Game' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from JXCKY :

● Ge & Luke




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