• Mike Robert

Questions and Trap Pop - Get into Avaraj's new track 'Everything I've Known'

Part of the most music we get to hear nowadays really capture the simplicity we need in order to feel like the music's good and the good vibes are there - No doubt of delivery in this one as well.

Guitars, Trap and Sax - a combination we never knew we needed.

The musician battles with inner demons and put it out to dry with a pen and a paper.

The song collides the trap beats it has with more Pop asmosphere the artists excells in.

The writting is personal and can be familiar to a great amount of people while listening - All this while being a good potential for an endless loop as a vibe ground for hours and hours of a car drive. The production is great, the singer is trying to break the first glass fame while we are here crossing fingers for the success to come.


Check out 'Everything I've Known' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Avaraj :

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