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Prepare For a Banger - Mia Mormino is giving us her best with her new single 'Building Blocks'

This song is amped with enough creativeness and energy it can borrow the shoes of Billie Eilish's former tunes - Twisting and turning, Mia you left me captive - Kudos.

Playing with our anticipation - You won't see where this song is going and you would love the ride.

As a part of her writting process, making mental issues more approachable, The journey she chose to take is just breathtaking. This song holds the tension to keep us on the edge, the lyrics are dagger-sharp, the vocals are a 10/10, the production is hollywood material and WOW in conclusion.

Got to give her credits, she reminded me of Billie Eilish and than she added more spice to it - I was captive ever since.

Luckily, For all of you and me, I had the chance of chatting with Mia, let's hear her out :

Myro : How about telling us the tip of the iceberg about this release, about It's meaning ?

Mia Mormino : The song's meaning is really brought to the forefront during the bridge. The lyrics are:

"Check in on your friends

Make sure they’re alright

Widest smiles always hide

The darkest minds

Remember that fine

Is never fine

In reality

It’s goodbye"

It's so easy to fall into the trap of believing everything you see on the internet when it's filled with "highlight reels". The people you least expect are usually the ones who are suffering the most. So the deeper meaning of "Building Blocks" is to make sure you check up on the people in your life.

Myro : What is your current goal with this release ?

Mia Mormino : My goal with this song is to bring more awareness to the topic of mental health in a way that's catchy and enjoyable to listen to!

Mia Mormino by Roman Wasn't Built In A Day

Check out 'Building Blocks' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Mia Mormino :

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