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Pop Song Of the Month - Do yourself a favor and fall into JXCKY'S new release 'The Imitation Game'

This is explosive - It's tight, capturing from the first second, produced so well and is proudly wearing the crown of being the top on November's Pop picks - Kudos.

Playing on another level - JXCKY new release is part of his new revelation as part of your favourite new artists.

I'll start with a vivid clarification - If you see yourself listening to Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, Giveon, Blackbear and more that are an obvious choice for a place in a playlist - You are going to save this song for later, no sweat.

The song is amazing. It's lyrics are dealing with bad attitude towards bad attitude, having no trouble in working it's way into being an amazing Bop.

The chorus is captivating and complicated but still simple, airy and tight all at once.

JXCKY by Cindy Chen & Natasha Librero

A little bit about JXCKY

Based in Australia, Jacky Chen is an upcoming New-Age Pop artist, rising up the stairs of music with a new release.

Collecting success and resume the young musician will go very far in a short time period.

Check out 'The Imitation Game' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from JXCKY :








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