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Pop-Punk IS WIDE AWAKE - Dive into Galaxy Thief's latest kicking single 'Free'

A song that compiles out of amazing guitars, enchanting vocals added with backing vocals that bring you home, Drums that are absolutely spot-on and not to talk about 2:23 yet. Prepare yourselves for a WOW and for 4 hours of binging this hit - Let's start.

You have been waiting for this single to be released and you didn't even knew it.

Imagine Thrity Seconds to Mars, The 1975 and State Champs all in one insanely likeable pack - A four piece band that gives you music that makes every listeners to fall into the fan base in an instant. (I saved the song to my private library the moment I hit first chorus)

'Set me free' - A rebel yell to live young.

The song has an atmosphere of a concert with mega-lights and a full stacked Reading festival of 130,000 screaming the 'LOST OUR WAY - WHO'S TO SAY' in my song's favorite 2:23.

Forget your past and leave it all behind with these special lads - Stepping on the brink of exploding into mainstream and becoming greater in every single.

Now that we are all part of the 'Galaxthieves' (I stamp this to my name if I'm the first, just so you know boys), Give them a follow, a must-have save to the song to your own library and join this train before this pack of wolves soar like eagles into musical halls of fame.

Galaxy Thief

A little bit about Galaxy Thief

Outstanding Four-piece band from Southampton, UK.

These lads, Ben, George, Jake and Rhys, Not only holds the title, my band for this week - which is 10 out of 10 respect as all'll say, They are the representatives of Yamaha Music London.

With so many great song previous to 'Free' we are left to explore, this explosive new track is a new horizon to these guys which are going straight to headlining tours.

Check out 'Free' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Galaxy Thief :

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