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Pink Ribbons and Heart-Warming friendship - Check Out Shira's "Am I Beautiful"

Nothing soothes the heart like a song who owns a smile with a cause - and that's exactly what Shira's enchanting musical charm gives us. An amazing release in order to fight for awareness for Breast Cancer for her friend's recent diagnosis - Let's dive in into a story of great friendship.

When life's 'Sooth flow get's disrupted', As Shira says, this song's a reminder that we all have the ability to stand tall for each other.

The artist delivers us with an amazing folk-balled who talks about an undying love and support all of us have to give and we just need to find it in order to light someone else's light when it's a bit dim.

Shira tells us about the backstory of the song, and it's acutally when her friend's life was changed with a diagnosis of a stage 3 breast cancer.

Her friend, Shirin, who is now fortunatly in remission decided with Shira to debut this song with it's touching video (Who she directed) that can leave no eye dry.

Bonus to the personal story, this song stretches a helping hand towards others out there in the world who feels the down of the tide of life and it will stand tall to remind them that the rise is soon to come - so hold on tight and you have us all behind you to support, and "yes, you are beautiful now just rest".


A little bit about Shira

New York City based Off-Broadway Star of many musicals and more to come such as 'EVENING-1910' and 'Solitary Light'.

Together with her partner, a guitarist and music director of 'Blondie' and 'Paul Carbonara', she got her album signed under Carbonara - And I can't wait for us to get a lot more from Shira.

Research more and get wiser on causes, prevention, treatment and a posible cure with the Pink Ribbon organisation : http://pinkribbon.org/

Check out 'Am I Beautiful' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Shira :

Check out 'Am I Beautiful' Music Video now :

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