• Mike Robert

Party Anthem Hits Wadebridge - Hop on YOUNG's new release 'Broken'.

Being a part of the EDM community make a soft spot for great music in this genre - And we are delivered with an amazing, well-produced, single to leave you wanting for more.

Somewhere between Zedd and the UK, this single is parallel in awesomeness to many songs we have in our own playlists.

The track is combining amazing vocals backed with these great guitars playing 'round and 'round our ears - Giving us the feeling of being surrounded by the music.

The melodies are captivating and holds you by the heart, leading you towards strong emotions and picturing yourself in a music festival having a blast.


A little bit about YOUNG

UK based producer is continuing his musical exploration with his second single, giving us another taste of his magic.

With dreams of breaking free and following-suit bigger artists, the 22 years old musician has a bright future ahead of him.

Check out 'Broken' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Young :









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