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Olivia Rodrigo, Watch Your Back - Madison Deaver is coming for the crown with 'C U in Hell'

Leading the ground-breaking, hate-wishing, anger-anthem, unforgettable song - Madison shows 'Good 4 U' how it's done. I can't wait for you to get this song in your head - This is one of the Top 5 songs Myro's Discoveries had for this whole month.

Getting back at someone never felt more alive and kicking than in this release.

First verse, opening with the illusion this is going to be a normal Pop song - But then we got into accusing mothers, unprescripted drugs and what a treat of a falcon-punch we get when the chorus starts, my oh my.

Starting with the angry scream that get's backed with backing vocals, then added with electric guitars and more electronics to make this one hard as a rock in a way you would not expect it to.

But of course, a favorite is 2:05. The conflict as a writer is to emphasize the experience and in that ideal I'll leave the first experience to you and will not ruin the surprise - But I will say it's creative, funny and so important for a song to have in order to get the fans more hooked up to the musician (Madison, Kudos).

Madison Deaver by Whitney Vertucci

A little bit about Madison Deaver

LA, CA based Pop-Now-Rock singer songwriter is exploding speakers with her latest release, as part of continuing her musical career's path at the young age of only 22.

Following her latest single 'Tongue Tied' EP - Which is a must-check for sure, We get to explore the new, upgraded Madison, fully equipped with musical-weapons ready to aim for our devotion.

Check out 'C U in Hell' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Madison Deaver :

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