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Old Rock With the Taste Of 2021 - Sit and reminisce with Michelle Limanjae's, 'hey there, heidi'

The whole time between 2000 to 2008 was my favorite years getting into music. The music was young and pure, held it's own and didn't fold into Pop's boxes - And that is exactly what you'll get from Michelle's new release. So sit back and take a listen!

A song who's born like it's writer - Which wrote, played and produced it completely.

A must-know information is that this is Michelle's debut single, and she chose not other than her own birthday for her first release of music.

Bonus to her sharing a birthday with her song, she did the whole process by herself and after coming on and off to the production phase the young musician delivers us a 00's sing-along'er that you can picture headlining the main scene of every song from that decade.

With electric guitars and bass to the drums precisely placed, The amazing backing vocals the get's you the whole atmosphere correct - this song is amazing and is a great start towards a great beginning.

Michelle Limanjae

A little bit about Michelle Limanjae

Australia, Brunswick based artist is currently celebrating a birthday for herself and the start of her music career.

With big dreams and a lot of talent we have a lot to gain from this young musician as listeners.

Check out 'hey dear, heidi' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Michelle Limanjae :

● Michelle Limanjae



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