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Ode For The Underground - Be Amazed by Jake Aldridge's 'Down'

This whole song tells a story about giving back to the group of people his prospered from - A song for the underdog community and placing them a bold and lighten up statement, I'm with you.

Take an artist, Give him a cause - And he'll move mountains.

It is not normal for an artist to take a step back and don't write about the normal Radio Hits - Love, Drugs and about the self.

What Jake do in this release that is both human and gives us a glimpse of what it is to be part of the J. Aldridge fan base.

Even after his success of previous singles he chose to dedicate a song to the people and that's just a simple but not underestimated of being noble.

Jake Aldridge by Noah Revill

A little bit about Jake Aldridge

I got to start with his everything - Jake's one of the most ambitious artist I encountered. It shows with his clean website, His video and his amazing life story.

With 'Audience Choice’ Award' and 'Male Act of the Year’ awards in his pocket - this amazing Rapper-to-Pop character is going to conquer radios and playlists in storm.

This song and his future releases is going to make a lot of noise - So be sure to hop on that train ASAP. And if not, Jake will wait for you.

Check out 'Down' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Jake Aldridge :

● Jake Aldridge








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