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New Age Rock is ON FIRE ! - Get inside Voodoo Bloo's new release 'SKIN'

Combining sounds from Radiohead, Myles Kennedy and one of my favorites Audioslave - This is one god-bliss of a promising band delivering a song not falling from feet of other mainstream artists.

It's Vivid, Alive and ever changin - Giving you exactly what you need.

The song holds the listener by their ears and my favorite is sure to be 2:25 when the song just becomes a masterpiece.

You can tell a lot about a musician by it's choice of play in songs - Stepping out of the verse's and Choruses' chords is not an easy task at all, and nailing it completely is surely enough for a cheer (Cheers lads, Kudos).

The guitars, the drums, the piercing bass and the amazing vocalist, together with production as good as expected - 'SKIN' is a must listen and make Voodoo Bloo a 'Must Watch' band.

Rory from Voodoo Bloo

A little bit about Voodoo Bloo

The four piece band ingredients are Daniel, Oli, Jackson and Rory giving us the Rock-dose we need for the day all the way from the amazing New Zealand.

Check out 'Skin' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Voodoo Bloo:

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