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Myro's Discoveries Sunday's Best Shoutouts

Almost every week I find good music around the amazing 'Musosoup' community that deserves some more ears to be stumble upon - Let's get started with this week's pick !

Aaron Dinning - I Hope That Things Get Better

A song about a goodbye - The artist tells about his journey with grief and spread his heart wide open for us to just fall in-love and apart with.

Check it out now !

Kaiyi - Headspace

This band is showing us how good a song can get the more time it takes to write it.

Check it out now !

Sunflower Thieves - Sirens

Having spent the past eighteen months exploring collaborative writing, Sirens is the first single from their upcoming debut EP, Someone To Be There For.

The song captures the beauty and necessity of good friendship and will be followed by an official video and a live session which both also encapsulate this sentiment.

Check it out now !

Richard Walters - The Man I Loved

As a solo artist Richard Walters has released five critically acclaimed albums and four EP's since 2007. His music has featured on a number of US TV shows including Grey's Anatomy, Tin Star and CSI: Miami - And now his back with a new release the you must hear with your own ears.

Check it out now !

My Tree - Where The Grace Is

From the album’s initial phrase “I saw you standing there, amongst the flowers” to its final “it’s over now,” My Tree’s new album Where the Grace Is constantly examines the tension between enjoying the present moment and participating in the allied fight for justice in the chaos that is 21st century America.

Check it out now !

Nette - Feelings

With over 130K self-made followers on Tik-Tok - Nette is delivering us a release and a bliss to the ears.

With everything produced by herself - a bright future awaits and we can't wait for it to bloom further.

Check it out now !

Mason Owens - Early Hours

Mason Owens, one of Liverpool's brightest contemporary folk artists, has just released his second EP, Early Hours. The four-tracker is inspired by the likes of Tracy Chapman and John Martyn, taking a departure from the gritty sound of his debut EP Off The Bat.

Check it out now !

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