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Myro's Discoveries Sunday's Best Shoutouts

lmost every week I find good music around the amazing 'Musosoup' community that deserves some more ears to be stumble upon - Let's get started with this week's pick !

Edison Miller - White Silhouettes

Miller says 'White Silhouettes is about losing yourself to a night out, drug and alcohol-induced blackouts and all the shit that comes with that like losing friends, hurting people then coming home in the morning, the sun is up and you’re left with anxiety and guilt but a faint feeling that things will be okay. It's also about struggling to find yourself, losing focus in your adolescence and youth, but things eventually come together and you find the ‘light’ when you come ‘home,’ in a metaphorical sense.'

Check it out now !

Erik Findling - Shut Me Out

Growing up in Chicago, Findling and High Street soon emerged themselves into the Club Circuit, eventually writing the band's debut EP "Shut Me Out" at just 13 years old. While collaborating with the main producer of Fall Out Boy on Shut Me Out, Findling's mission on this project is to combine modern pop sounds with classic rock influences, in order to bring rock n roll back into the mainstream.

Check it out now !

Annie Omalley - Chasing Clouds

It's a song about falling in love with someone that you shouldn't and thinking that maybe you should just screw everything up even though you know that might not be what's best.

Check it out now !

Sleepyhead - Blue

An amazing 6 piece EP - wonderful to hear and learn more and sure is a must-listen.

Check it out now !

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