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Myro's Discoveries Sunday's Best Shoutouts

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

lmost every week I find good music around the amazing 'Musosoup' community that deserves some more ears to be stumble upon - Let's get started with this week's pick !

Noah Elliott - End of Summer

a break-up bop about struggling to get over a past relationship. Instrumentation starts with acoustic guitar and builds into a big sing-along chorus with electronic elements.

Check it out now !

Kaiyi - Headspace

“Headspace” is a vulnerable piece describing the feeling of liking someone at a time of emotional unavailability. Bottling up feelings, unable to act on impulse, thinking too much.

Check it out now !

John Pierce O'Reilly - Impressions / Variations

A LoFi album that will move your hear, take you down thinking lane and give a little more to listening than the usual collective of songs.

Check it out now !

Lucid Youth - Flooded City

Flooded City is confronting & raw, telling the story of becoming legitimate in their small hometown. It’s a calling card for the small town dreamers who aspire to achieve.

Check it out now !

TSB YD - Big MooD

The entire album consists of 15 tracks, including an intro, and they all embody the hunger and passion that is pushing YD forward to achieve his dreams. His eclectic style, tantalizing beats, and witty lines have formed an album that has bop after bop.

Now really, this album is a rap refresher that gives you hope for new artist in this amazing genre.

Check it out now !

Kerry Fuller - Cry Baby

'Cry Baby' was written on, and inspired by, International Women's Day 2021. It is about all the fabulous women in the world, how strong we are, and how much we give even through the toughest of times, as long as we feel appreciated. We will give everything we have if we can, just don't take it for granted.

Check it out now !

Cristalle - Hiding

Amazing how her writings for this album reflected my emotions : This track was produced with so much enjoyment but most importantly it tells a story we can all relate to. What I really enjoy about Cristalle is her ability to convey a good hook that matches a crowds mood. In life, we mostly hope to move forward, leaving the past behind and meeting someone who makes us feel seen.

Check it out now !

Alex Pankov - Never Give Up

Closing the deal this week is an amazing instrumentalist that does the whole writing by himself. Let his first track sweep you off your feet and be sure to follow him because he has a lot more to bring and they'll be dropping like raindrops.

Check it out now !

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