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Myro's Discoveries Sunday's Best Shoutouts

lmost every week I find good music around the amazing 'Musosoup' community that deserves some more ears to be stumble upon - Let's get started with this week's pick !

KinetiX - Red Line

Three brothers from Ireland will make you in one song - Get hyped, Party hard, Sing along in your car and scream your lungs out when the break comes 'If you loose your cool baby I loose mine'. Yeah, hear it with your own ears and see it's contagious.

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Canyon - Shark Tank (feat. Raekwon)

Canyon is a unique, new artist from New York who recently moved to Los Angeles.

His first drop is a collaboration done with Wu-Tang Clan legend, Raekwon. The track was produced by Skeyez and is now available on streaming sites everywhere.

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NBLR - Flux

NBLR is a duo making bigger sounds than you might expect. There are no samples, no backingtracks only live recorded, live looped sounds.

It‘s all about expressing they‘re love for math and post rock.

Get your self on and adventures ride with this instrumental track.

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Garcia - Illuminar

García is a Spanish RnB singer, composer and multi-instrumentist, that mixes songs with art visuals and deep lyrics.

Mixing his unique sound with the most beautiful language in the world.

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Dyna Edyne - Senses

'Senses' is a track of the Mahogany EP, its the most sensual 1 and basically tells a story thru melodies about a toxic lustful relationship but it created passion and memory.

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Gal Musette - Julia

Gal confides that the video for this song is about "a desolate ghost story about a woman who finds pleasure in her melancholy and loneliness while she looks for and finds play with a woman who may or may not be her, another woman or exist as a physical being at all."

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Elias James - Whoever Got You

Second single from Toronto based country artist Elias James.

A song about love about lost and everything in-between.

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Finnegan Tui - Hunting The Wren

Finnegan's music is an attempt to translate the power of nature into sound, and the story of being human into song.

If nature and viking chant is where your comfort zone is - Be sure to stop here to listen up !

Check it out now !

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