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Moving On From Troubles - Get in the vibe with Olivia Rubini's new release 'Be Well (B Side)'

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The atmosphere is mesmerizing and it's like the whole song is fast but on the same time correct and steady - This is one of those soulful songs to hear whenever and just get swifted away by.

Easy Going and relaxing - Being one with your past and letting go of toxic things in life.

The song is truely a child of so many great genres including RnB, Soul, Pop and Indie Rock - Giving us enough from every one of them to create something greater.

The acoustic's picking, The electric's side licks and the drums setting the great tempo - are all inhancing the singer's radio-made voice.

The lyrics are touching and they can really reflect the face of Olivia's process in understanding her world and moving closer and closer towards self peace and self revelation.

I had the pleasure to have a chat with Olivia and give you all a better sense of this artist persona :

Myro : This song is actually part of your latest album 'Silhouettes' but was re-released with this amazing version - Why did you chose to rebrand it new ?

Olivia : The initial concept for the “rebrand” was to create a totally acoustic, paired-down version but that vision quickly transformed into a pop/soft rock jam that more closely fits my artistic “identity” now. I wanted to keep the youthful, energetic feeling of the original release while adding a sense of maturity and growth. Further, I think slowing down the tempo allows the listener to distinguish the layered mosaic of hooks that may have previously been overlooked and to me that’s really special. Rebranding the song in a way that feels so much more like “me” in this current moment was somewhat magical since I got to fall in love with the song all over again while creating new elements that make it entirely its own. The original “Be Well” was always special to me and I think this revamp allows it to really have its moment.

Myro : Where was your mindset when writing this piece ?

Olivia : When writing the song originally in 2019, I think my mindset was somewhat naive - maybe even 'angsty'. I had a lot of attitude which is definitely evident in the verse lyrics even though it was conveyed in a light and playful manner. But shining though that sassy attitude is a pretty empowering chorus that emphasizes being the “bigger person” by being able to wish someone well even though it may be tough. This lyric is also totally up for interpretation because the sentiment of “be well” doesn’t necessarily have to be heartfelt and genuine - it can definitely be flippant and audacious. I think my mindset now as I’ve matured has become more about authentic well wishes and less sass but those lyrics still hit with the same attitude they did a few years ago which definitely feels nice in those angsty moments of life.

Myro : After multiple singles and an album, what is your current goal to achieve ?

Olivia : My current goal is to just get myself out there and have people hear me and my music whether it be through social media, streaming, live shows, livestream shows, press, etc. I feel like I am becoming more and more authentically myself as I create and release music and I want people to hear it! I’m so thrilled with my album, which came out this past January, and I’m even more thrilled about the music I’m currently working on. Writing and creating music is a beautiful thing, but the real gratification and fulfillment comes from people hearing it, embracing it, relating to its message, and adding it to the metaphorical soundtrack of their life, so my goal is most definitely to reach as many people as possible.

Myro : What's your biggest dream regarding music and the smallest one you'd like to achieve in your journey ?

Olivia : I think my biggest dream regarding music, similar to most artists, is to make it to a place where I have a loyal fan base which would allow me to tour and do larger shows at larger venues while expanding my discography and continuously evolving sonically. Success is a very vague term which looks different for everyone, but I would say I just want to be successful while pursuing my passions and becoming the best version of myself, as a writer, musician, and performer. As far as the smallest, I think every step leading to that desired overall success is a serious achievement - whether it be having my music added to playlists, gaining exposure through TV/movie placements, or having smaller, successful shows! Every small step leads to the vision of bigger success so I think each step in the journey can be valued as a serious achievement no matter how seemingly small.

Myro : When can we expect new music to arrive ?

Olivia : Very soon! I’ll be releasing another single in November or December and may have an EP somewhere in the not-so-distant future. I’m very active on social media in regards to promoting/teasing new music, showing BTS, and show dates so follow me on all my socials to stay up to date with everything I have going on!

Myro : Is there anything else you'd like to say to your old and new fans so we all will get to know you a little better ?

Olivia : I would love to give a huge thank you to all my new fans, as well as those who've been with me since the beginning! I appreciate you being here for this journey and look forward to everything that is to come! When you listen to my music, I know it’s a real reflection of me and I hope you can feel that genuine intimacy - the biggest compliment I can receive is that my listeners relate to my music and that they can really feel something and connect through it. Receiving those messages means the world to me and makes music worth making so now I’m very appreciative to all of you.

Olivia Rubini by Vince Cirino

A little bit about Olivia Rubini

Philly area artist is currently 22 and thiriving for success with her Pop-Fusion songs including this recent release.

After her latest album 'Silhouettes' (Which is a must check) she returns with another version for her song 'Be Well'.

Check out 'Be Well (B Side)' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Olivia Rubini :

● Olivia Rubini








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