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Making The First Step with a Poet - Saving the Earth with Hazel Mei's new release, 'Golden Chains'

Apart from being an amazing Jazz-turned-to-Pop, Hazel is consentraiting her time in doing blessing and acting towards a better future when silence is kept out for comfort - Dive into this ride-along of taking a place of anger and placing it into writing.

The Clock is Ticking, Time is slowly running out.

Only in the third hear I noticed the ticking that starting and ending the song. As the title suggests, it could be an amazing add to the song the artist hid in sight to enforce the perception we are running out of time.

The writer tells us the song is written as an inspiration from the talented Aurora (Who sang 'Runaway') - who talks about hard topics and uses her power, talent and voice to spread out ideals she has so she can try and mend the outside.

The chorus is just captivating, together with the amazing production, simplicity that leads into big blow-ups. The way Hazel finds a way to both talk and lead an idea to many ears, and in the same time make it into a song you'll hear 20 times a day, is no simple task and the hat is off.

Hazel Mei by Hannan Paul @shotbyhannan

A little bit about Hazel Mei

Brisbane based activist, musician, singer songwriter is working towards a change and succeeding in stealing our heart and motivation in the process.

Be sure to follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram to watch her content to help making a better earth more approachable. Spread the word - Save the earth.

Check out 'Golden Chains' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Hazel Mei :

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