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Heavy and precise : Check out LINKER's blast - EXTRA

Tel Aviv's upcoming producer recollects he's years of learning into experiencing with different types of sounds who took us by surprise.

EXTRA is what you'd expect from it's name - and way more.

It is difficult to be unique in these times. When our world got it's wave of overwhelming numbers of new musicians it's really an uneasy task to stand out of the crowd.

Tel Aviv's dubstep producer LINKER by my impression has succeed in creating something to attract the ear in a way you didn't thought was possible.

In his words, LINKER says this song was created by playing around with sounds enough for it to become a full track.

If you are a fan of elecronic music who got you excited and hyped, give this track a quick add to your playlist.

A little bit about LINKER

After several releases under 'Firepower Records', 'MA Music' and more, Getting himself a big media support by the likes of EDM.com, ThisSongSlaps and a lot more - LINKER is in the heart and core of it's genre.

With more than 10 years of experience in the music field - LINKER's projects and experience gets better and better by the year.

Check out 'Extra' now in the links below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from LINKER :


Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lironlinker

Spotify: sptfy.com/LINKER

Instagram: instagram.com/lironlinker

Facebook: facebook.com/ImLINKER

Twitter: twitter.com/Liron_LINKER

Youtube: youtube.com/c/LINKERmusic

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