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Lay Your Head & Fall In Love - Slip into the sweet sounds of Luna Keller's latest release 'Wanderer'

It's like an evening at sunset, surrounded by the ocean breeze with a campfire that flickers a melody - And I can go on and on for this magical track. Let's dive in shall we ?

A safe place to rest your head and forget the worries you longed to lose - All waiting for you in this wonder Wanderer

It is harder than you know to create a song which is embracing as few instruments as this and in the same breath can move a heart as this one does.

Luna delivers a soft, easy listening and easier to love melody that hugs the ears with it's guitar strums, piano touches and the amazing backing vocals.

Luna Keller by Roger Keller

Some songs were meant for us to relax to

The verses are storytelling and grabs you on to the choruses, singing about traveling maybe in foot maybe in heart - wonderful and waiting for your interpretation at first hear.

Check out 'Wanderer' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Luna Keller :

● Luna Keller







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