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Indie-Pop Treasures are Always Cool - Check out 'Cooler' by AJ Smith

Perfect radio hit with head to toe flawless production, writing and perdormance - prepare yourself for your new song of the month, because he promises and delivers and this is cooler than your regular playlist adds.

Interesting, engaiging, young and practicly a song that competing with the big guys.

With help from his three closest friends, they formed a perfect formula - A song about giving a second chance in the name of love, with a promise to be the better.

The singer is singing lines with falsetto, attitude and everything you'll expect from a professional singer songwriter - so much that you can see the situation in your head happening live, and hearing the writing was written from personal experience.

AJ Smith by Blair Reinlie

A little bit about AJ Smith

Nashville US based Pop artist is one of the most promising ones to rise this year and take the prize of being the new discovery of 2021.

Being a professional violinist and an engineer isn't enough for AJ so he collided with grammy winner producer Scott Jacoby and the future is yet to hold of the non-stopping train of Smith.

Check out 'Cooler' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from AJ Smith :

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