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Holding on to Good Memories - Charlie John's new release takes us by the feels, 'Little Things'

I guess this song hits different because and in favor of it's approach - It's sad, Heartbreaking and kind of ground-shaking of the life after a relationship.

Coping and growing up, and also - There's a saxophone involved, yeah, A saxophone.

The song is trying to explain the feeling of balancing life after losing a big part of them - an eclipse of a love that had such an impact on your life it's really hard to keep track on yourself before that and moving into another journey alone.

Still I feel Charlie has gave us a positive side inside all his words, even though all the pain.

The song in full is captivated by the history the two shared, giving us the honor and respect this love holds so dear - instead of dweling into bad habits and toxic approach, he chose to reminisce on all the good things, little as they are, to remember the bright side of this love.

Charlie John by Sami Jo Prewitt

A little bit about Charlie John

Being born into a family of musicians, and finally picking up his guitar by the age of 18, this artist has been in-touch with so many musical experiences, he is surely working his way up the latter.

Convington based musician has brought us an amazing song and I can't wait to see what more he shall bring us.

Check out 'Little Things' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Charlie John :

● Charlie John





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