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Giving Rest and Counting Fingers - Vibe into Christine Sako's new release 'Coda'

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

As versatile as you'd expect for an artist who had the chance to find, lose. refind, redefine and reinvent herself in and out of her and other's music - Coda is filled with the contrast of good vibrations and serious lyrics, Let's dive in !

Talking about the unstable feeling our minds swirls us into with getting you dancing.

The more you'll listen to this song the more you'll learn - and everytime I find new pieces of the lyrics that caughts my ear.

Production-wise, The song is poppy, synths are getting heard and are being played great alongside the basses in the background giving us like an 80's feeling of familiarity - All of that topped with an unexpected last eight bars, keeping all of us hooked. I think the song's main line for me is 'Since I said your name aloud'. The song deals with running towards problems yet to come - but acknowledging the problem is the best start and is 80 percent of the process.

Christine Sake

A little bit about Christine Sako

San Diego based Pop artist is making us witness the third single out of her new era, and her return is shiny than ever.

After trying her solo project once, then getting as an instrumentalist in groups and got to even open up for Paramore, Christine is sticking to her guns and we can't wait for the rest.

Check out 'Coda' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Christine Sako :

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