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Down With The Aliens - Get into this energy burster by Gulf Stream Riders' 'Sharks, Aliens, Etc.'

It's like the best glass of Americana music, Country music and rock of the ages - Sweeps with riffs and full of amazing harmonies and melodies that'll get stuck in your head for long, so let's dive in !

The title does the job - This release is interesting, energetic and powerful, enough to keep you snapping fingers along the riff.

While the lyrics are explaining the artists latest view on the media these days, when the world seems to have bizzare and yet intersesting turn every Monday - Off the rails every other day of the week, is an exciting life to live if you ask me and GSR.

The chorus is just mesmerizing and the song plays my party-vibes like a festival in the summer - Greatly, Widely and overwhelming.

Gulf Stream Riders

A little bit about Gulf Stream Riders

As their first release after the singer, Chris, had a heart attack and went on from surgery this spring, the two are back strong with a single to be engraved in you memory for long.

Both Chris and Nalle are well-trained musician and this isn't their first rodeo.

Check out 'Sharks, Aliens, Etc.' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Gulf Stream Riders :

● Gulf Stream Riders





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