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Diving into 'Can't Get Enough' by David Feldman and LINKER

Melodic dubstep at it's finest that's my first listen perspective.

I've been surprised several times during this collab and that's on of my favorite things in this genre.

It's a full rave inside your headphones.

This couple producer's track is multi-faced and will come at you with different weapons in different speed.

You can't ignore the beatiful artwork somehow capturing the song's innocent and aggresiveness at the same time.

The exploration of the song doesn't end in the first hear and you continue to learn more and more about the hidden layers in this gem.


A little bit about David Feldman

David Feldman (On the left, LINKER - on the right)

a Tel Aviv-based producer influenced by current Electronic music, dubstep and Pop. His sound is made up of fat beats, good vibes and Powerful basslines as people around him frequently say


Check out 'Can't Get Enough' now in the links below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from David Feldman :

● David Feldman

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/itsdavidfeldman

Spotify: sptfy.com/davidfeldman

Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsdavidfeldman/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsdavidfeldman

Twitter: twitter.com/its_feldi

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