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Detective of Deceit - Bailey Jaxxon's pours his heart into words into new release 'Calculated lies'

Coming from personal experience, Bailey talks about the wrong relationships we had to fight through in our love journey - talking about people you shouldn't trust and shouldn't leave your heart for their disposal.

Making this song was a clever, emotional rollarcoaster for both the writer and us the fans.

Neglecting the fact the song is a BOP, his writing style is one of a kind - Jaxxon took us a new route using numbers as words - I was amazed when first heart messages in code-like.

The musician chose to use the code in order to make us understand the way he felt - when the clues were visible and under his nose any time and we can either agree with '5317' or take it as we always were too scared too find out it's actually 'LIES'.

I had the pleasure of talking to Bailey and this is for you from his ! (A little sneak peak to the mind of the artist) Myro : What does this song stands for for you ?

Bailey Jaxxon : The song is about getting cheated on and how you start to become more of a detective than a boyfriend when you know it's happening. You know that one way or another, the relationship's over, you just need the proof they're lying to you so that you don't go the rest of your life wondering if you were wrong.

Myro : What plans you have for it in the future ?

Bailey Jaxxon : There's a massive backlog of songs to release so we're just gonna let Calculated Lies do its thing- from here on out the plan is to bring you guys a new song every month.

Bailey Jaxxon by Ishiki (Will Joseph)

A little bit about Bailey Jaxxon

Australia based Pop-artist is now on his way to persue his songs' debhut every month - Giving us evey month new materials to listen to, and this time is 'Calculated Lies' !

Check out 'Calculated Lies' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Bailey Jaxxon :

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