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Coping Through Music - Check out Mezmah's new release 'Smoke + Mirrors'

With an amazing story and a remarkable talent of spitting lyrics, Mezmah's new release is going to capture hearts for who ever find Rap and Coping with life a natural combination.

Telling his story and starting strong with a troubled heart.

Talking about a domestic violance he had witnessed during his younger years, we get to hear his story and feeling behind it - Feeling confused and need to help out against his younger self's tries to grow up as a kid he wanted to grow up as.

The beat is tight, the chorus is memorable and the story is beyond brave.

I had the pleasure of talking to him and he had some things he wanted to pass on : Myro : Can you briefly introduce you to your old and new fans? Mezmah : My name is Mezmah and to my old and new fans, I’m an artist and rapper hailing from the UK shores. Stylistically, my music is predominantly straight rap usually, but I also do like to also dibble and dabble in other styles as I am influenced by other genres like RnB, soul and international music, specifically from both the UK and Africa, where I grew up.

Myro : With an album behind you and five singles - what is your goal on this current tide and the next one?

Mezmah : At the moment, I’m just sticking to releasing single after single, with the goal of continuing to build my catalog and keep the momentum that’s been going on. Also, this gives me a chance to release different kinds of songs, as for my albums and EP’s, I usually like to stick to a theme and try not to do too many different things so I can keep it as cohesive and within theme as possible because albums for me are a timestamp of where my life is. Therefore, it has to reflect my mood and thoughts at the time. My next project will definitely be a reflection of this, with the goal to showcase the evolution since all of this began.

Myro : Are there any artists you thrive to collide with in your musical journey ?

Mezmah : Definitely, a few from the UK and the US, too many to name in fact. All I will say is it’s an eclectic blend of both rappers as well as singers on both sides of the pond. I’m even open to work with international artists who may not speak English as their first language.

Myro : What is your inspiration for this release and the story behind it?

Mezmah : ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ was inspired by my next door neighbor, who every night, I used to hear her subjected to domestic violence at the hands of her partner. Now I was only a kid at the time and didn’t fully understand what was going on but the noise was harrowing, and that has always sat in my mind ever since. Being an adolescent now and knowing it for what it was, I wrote the song to raise awareness about the issue, which I’ve been passionate about.

Myro : Would you say there’s a message that you’d like to add to the readers?

Mezmah : I’d say look out for more songs on the way, try to relate to them if you can and listen out for the little pieces about me that I’ll share along the way. The journey has only just begun.

Check out 'Smoke + Mirrors' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Mezmah :

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