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Clash Of The Indie-Rock - The Hilder's new release 'Give It Time' will take your ears by storm

It's fun, packed with synths, piercing bass guitar, magnetizing electric guitars, one amazing drummer, vocals that sweeps feet from standing and a production 10 out of 10 - Let's dive in.

The combo of Indie-Rock with kind of 80's vibe is hypnotizing.

The chorus is where we start this article - It's captivating, with it's motions, it'll make you dance the moment you hear it - it works like magic I give you that as a guarantee.

The verses are wide spreaded and does an amazing job building up excitment towards the rest of the song - giving us the time to love the process and the band so when the chorus drops we are already under their spell.

British rock always had a close to heart relationship with me and this is exactly why - They are using what we all know in music but still make it their own.

It's like a super-power in being unique that makes music a little more creative and edgy.

The Hilder

A little bit about The Hilder

Bridlington bases 3 piece indie-rock band has brought to light their second single after their debut and it's one great step to continue the musical matching with.

After making the band what it is in 2020, Matty Jackman, Sam Parsons and Danny Jackman has debuted 2 singles and aim to grow stronger in 2022 and I can't wait for it to come to life.

Check out 'Give It Time' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from The Hilder :

● The Hilder






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