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Broken Hearts and Neon Signs - Jump into Dan Pye's new release 'Billboard'

When amazing ambience collides with Pop music, catchy melodies and broken heart - The formula do not disappoints and we get to have another great song by Dan Pye.

Being the opening track for his debut EP, a new radio-release version arise with amazing colors as a glimpse to his music.

The self producing artist played the whole song by himself, showing major skills in playing all the instrument, gathering them together and delivering a final product that holds no shame against Top 50 charts materials.

The music is great and gets the best of the big airy music together with the drums and melodies that has taste of old music and new music alike.

The chorus on distortion is a bliss to ears and sounds exactly what you want to have as a hook - All done perfectly from head to toes.

Dan Pye

A little bit about Dan Pye

Being a multi-talent is spread all around the name Dan Pye.

As seems from the picture the musician is his own maker and shot-caller of how his releases is going to like.

All you'll experience is so much more than you'd expect from a work done by one guy.

Check out 'Billboard' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Dan Pye :

● Dan Pye




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