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Brazilian Influence For A Cause - Amazing vibe all the way from Kevin Keew's 'Br-Pop'

Normally this isn't the main type of music I find to write about - But this is one remarkable story of a ten year-old musician (ONLY 10!) working for a higher cause, prepare to be amazed.

The vibe is fun, the dance is necessary and the meaning is overwhelming.

The song is the recalling a lot of tunes from Daddy Yankee and Major Lazer with a Brazilian twist to be an ear-candy for sure.

The singer is just under 11 years in this world and already leading a fight against a higher cause - To bring awareness against a very troubling and devastating issue still happening in this world, Child Sexual Slavery.

It is a brave fight and leading the torch against this awful issue is truly remarkable - And I had the pleasure of getting some questions answered by the artist :

Kevin Keew by MW3.biz International

Artist Time : Kevin Keew

Please read with caution - The following text will have some content not suited for all (Including Violence, Slavery and etc.)

Myro : Can you briefly introduce yourself to your fans ?

Kevin : I'm a crazy boy from England, who loves electronic music and traditional Brazilian music because I am Brazilian as well. Then I mix both music styles and create a new music genre called Br-Pop.

I am 10 years old and love games, so I am a gamer and singer too.

Myro : After a break for almost 5 years you came back into music two years ago; are you seeing the change in the music you make right now ?

Kevin : Yes, I needed to stop at the time, because of the school that's very important. Now I'm back, making music with the same genre Br-Pop, but now releasing in more than one country at the same time. This one I started in New York, Times Square.

Times Square Campaign:


The world has changed, so do I. Everyone is trying to innovate and create new things, and I feel these changes also changed the whole music industry. But in my case, I continue doing music with a purpose.

Myro : I understand this release deals with very tough subjects, What does this song mean to you ?

Kevin : My new song called Br-Pop is a mix of EDM with Forró, which is a very traditional music genre from the northeast region of Brazil.

So I am using this song to make a dance challenge on TikTok, called Br-Pop Challenge, to bring awareness about a horrible social problem, fighting against Child Sexual Slavery.

Br-Pop Challenge


The Brazilian influence in my music is an alert to some parts of Brazil, especially in the Favelas, where people are very poor, and they still have problems like human trafficking and babies being sold for sexual slavery.

My music says "we are the same tribe, and we have no fear", exactly because I am trying to make the world look to that part of Brazil, where some criminals are making money using kids and doing horrible things to them.

I can't even understand why nobody is doing anything about it, I have no fear and I will never stop.

I came to give voice to those who can't speak.

Myro : What are the main goals for this release you plan to achieve ?

Kevin : I'm actually making a test with the whole society. I want to clarify how the proper society reacts to this problem.

A campaign about Child Sexual Slavery is something that most people don't want even to talk about as it's not comfortable for them.

Seriously, everyone loves to appear on dance challenges and receive many likes and views. What about influencers using this power to bring awareness to a social problem?

As Br-Pop song says, "this our movement", kids being supported by other kids, to rescue other kids, as adults are more worried if other adults are going to the doctor taking vaccines or not.

It's horrible and I am in shock to see this happening, very young kids are living in un-humane conditions and nobody can't do anything against it? Seriously? Where are the famous politicians now?

Myro : In the widespread use of music, not a lot of people try to reach into the profits of humane society - Why and how did it meet you so it made such an impact on you for you to start a 'movement' ?

Kevin : What motivates me is my father's history of life, he was a victim of Child Slavery, since he was five and he had to run from the country to raise his family safely in the UK.

What makes me even more motivated is the fact that this social problem is still happening after 30 years since my father left. I keep questioning myself as I only learned about sex this year, and I am 10 years old. Why do adult people put a lot of effort into adults taking vaccines and not having the same level of effort about sexual crimes agains kids?

Kids in harm aren't a priority for adults? It is for us kids, for sure.

Myro : Would you like to deliver a message both to fellow artists and to the fans?

Kevin : For independent artists like me, please don't work for likes and follows. Work for your talent.

Keep training, posting your stuff, but forget about likes.

You will see a huge improvement on your productions and you will also feel amazing freedom to create, not for likes, but to express who you really are.

Music, photography, videos, articles, dance, anything you produce, do it as it was for a client, even if it's for you.

When you do that and only the client's opinion matters, you will love the results, as the client is you.

Creators, be free as an artist and use your highest level of creativity to express your real and genuine talent, likes and follows doesn't matter at all, it's making everyone monochromatic or blind!

Check out 'Br-Pop' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Kevin Keew :

● Kevin Keew





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