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Between Ariana Grande and Anderson Paak. - Hear out Belora's new fire release 'Dear X'

The vocals are an amazing job being perfectly done, together with the production creating like a new genre that was invented - But not as bright as this song succeeds.

It's like Pop but still Jazz, and still Rn'B - A Kudos here is mendatory.

The song is well written, it's catchy, easy and ear-grabbing - all thanks to the wonderful idea to take Pop music into the more acoustic, Tiny Desk Like. vibes which are captivating.

Geared with a guitar solo (Wait for it - it is worth it), the musician is delivering a top-shelf song - manifesting the music we both love and both has guilty pleasure hearing.

Take your nearest headphones and dive into this song in repeat - fall in love with a love of someone else.


A little bit about Belora

Can't get enough from the Australian musicians, including Belora, who is based in Sydney - never failing to empower my playlists with amazing and creative music.

Make sure you take three listens and give her a follow - This artist is going places.

Check out 'Dear X' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Belora :

● Belora





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