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Bedrooms Rows - Dive into Perry Ripley's latest release 'Cocaine Love'

Elegant, slow yet steady, mesmerizing and hypnotizing release - Encounter yourself with the electrifying vibes of one Perry Ripley, a name to hold for a bright future to come ahead.

When vibes and atmosphere collide - Get lost inside this addicting new track

The magic is there. Perry holds his own with the genre that can't go wrong, walking lines near other artists like Two Feet and Chet Faker - The perfect formula for a better night for two.

Perry Ripley

The chill Ripley has gives an enormous amount of confidence and a wide brush of talent. The delayed guitars, the backvocals, the synths and that dark roof he builds above the song captures it and holds it captive to his own willings.

An amazing first glance in the overall talent this guy has and we can not wait to hear more from the future and from this single's EP.

Check out 'Cocaine Love' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Perry Ripley :

● Perry Ripley





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