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Banger Alert in Winter's End - Check out Jordan Jones's latest release 'Stumble'

Packed with outstanding melodies, 808 hard enough to rock a club 3 floors down - JJ delivers an amazing talent in one song that you got to add into your 'good-times' playlist.

After a long hiatus we get the second dessert from Jordan Jones - A sugary delight manifested currectly into the perfect Pop-music spot it deserves

Almost two years after his latest single 'Break My Heart' (which is also a MUST if you'd love this one as well as I do), JJ makes the music we want to hear with his unique melodies and great production.

Jordan Jones by Fontaine Lewis

The verses are love-loaded like cupid's arrow, the chorus's melody is just captivating and the production is on par with a lot of mainstream Pop we hear on the day to day basis.

Canadian musician wanted to make this song to emphasise the trouble in love that can be solved by simple communication - And as Jones wanted to say to the world, Spread the love.

Check out 'Stumble' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Jordan Jones :

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