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Acoustic Carnivals and Growing Up - Check out this amazing track 'Easy to Run' by Carnival Mind

Get in touch with yourself back again, grab the action by it's ears and take your time in finding yourself before you do something that you'll regret - All together in Guitar on Vocals, just amazing.

'Stop listening to others rushing you - Take your time' never made such sense until this song

The lyrics on the chorus just hits hard when being at an age where people's closed captions make all the walls around you feel colser and the room is now small as a pencil case.

'Tired of hearing It not geting easy, still got some growing up to do' - perfectly circles in a big red marker the rebel yell against running, which the song says it's as easy as it gets. The song gives us a reminder we can do differently and we don't have to run towards future that other's dictated.

Other from it being an acoustic anthem such as a lot of old 90's bands - this song gives an importent lesson, and that's the beauty of the writing capability of Carnival Mind.

Eryn Young by Alex Lieu

A little bit about Carnival Mind

First time I'm speechless and have little to nothing - and that makes them a true phenomenon.

With a bottle of 'Jack Daniel's' as constant support, to their saying, The road is wide and open.

I'im eager to hear more and suggest you all to go follow them - It'll get good and acoustic for sure.

Check out 'Easy To Run' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Carnival Mind :

● Carnival Mind



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