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About Leaving And Feeling Amazing - Check out Louisa Maria's new single 'Not Haunted By You'

There's nothing more satisfying than getting over a break up, writting a song, producing it - And it becomes a BOP. There's something in Louisa's taste in music and talent that gave us an interesting and fun release - Let's dive in.

Not haunted at all - Louisa is kicking the door to her ghost and shows him there's not a shred of fear.

The production is precise, with the vocals swirming around in a Pop-Rock atmosphere - Giving us the today's music at the level we expect her to give us.

COming from a private place, you can see the hard work the she put up in order to give us this song and as you can see - She based herself with a solid-ground of fans keen for more from her, and now we are on that list.

I had the pleasure of talking to the musician and she had somethings to pass onto you future and past fans :

Louisa Maria by Aiden Thomas

Myro : For all your fans out there, old and now new, can you introduce yourself in a couple of lines ? Louisa Maria : Hi there I'm Louisa Maria from Bristol in the Uk. I'm a songwriter and love making commercial pop infused music.

Myro : With one great EP behind you and this amazing release seeing light, what are your goals for the future with these releases ? Louisa Maria : I've never made an album and I'd really like to now begin creating that. I've felt trapped for a longtime and now feel like all sorts of things in my life are coming to my awareness. I'd love to be able to explore where my new limits are!

Myro : The song is written in an aggressive and smart approach - would you like to shed some light about the song's 'backstage' story ? Louisa Maria : I had a long term relationship for 6.5 years. It was a hard thing to let go especially when it's not your decision. I let all the walls fall down around me and I didn't at the time even fight to save it.... I think because I knew deep down it wasn't right and I guess we needed to get out of the bubble we put ourselves in. However the events and things that followed after that hurt me a lot on the inside but I always had positive things to say about it even after it ended. The song was a way for me to finally let go and I guess put my aggression out there. I was also really happy to hear that it resonated with so many of my friends etc. It did the job I wanted it to do - Empower people!

Myro : In your songs you can see you are influenced by so many genres, what would you say is the most difficult and what's the easiest in writing and producing ? Louisa Maria : I'm love with reggaeton beats and I've been caught up in the rock industry with my last band 'Tequila Mockingbyrd' for ages. Two genres that of course do not really blend well together.. The hardest thing now sometimes is trying to not add more into production.

Myro : How long are we waiting for another release ? Louisa Maria : I think my new producer has a December acoustic original track in mind. I'm writing it now as we speak. It's just a little something. I'm going to get to work on an album for next year.

Myro : Would you like to add and say something to our readers and your fans out there ? Louisa Maria : I'm very much an independent artist and my mind is definitely creative. I like to focus on one creative project at a time - before Xmas and build my studio. You can follow my journey on my insta page @louisa_maria_official

Check out 'Not Haunted By You' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Louisa Maria :

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