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About Friends and Enemies - Dive into XTIE's latest release 'Frenemy'

Hong Kong's Pop indie musician is opening her heart about issues we all know too well - the endless question of 'who to trust'.

While talking about the bad she experienced from others, She still finds herself questioning herself for her guilt.

The lyrics discuss the eternal wonder of the goodness of the people around you. She talks about her realization, her breaking point, where she can't turn back from when learning the true face of a 'Frenemy'.

The song is packed with Pop atmosphere and has XTIE singing on the music like a blanket of rose leaves. The song is exciting and is surely a song that'll hit charts and move the train going for the singer.

XTIE by Kakaho

A little bit about XTIE

As said earlier, Based in Hong Kong, XTIE is an indie-artist, Producer, Singer and songwriter with a goal to get into all of our hearts.

Let her song take you to the euphoria the singer wants her fans to go into when hearing her music.

Check out 'Frenemy' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from XTIE :








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