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About Flowers and A Broken Hearts - Listen to Prints of Monaco's new release 'Petals Are Falling'

Nothing mends a musician more that writing in the name of the pain - A bliss of an indie release in a scent of flowers, with amazingly played guitars and backing vocals.

Unleash the pain hidden with this picture perfect of flowers and falling petals.

The song's lyrics are the main thing that caught me in this musical creation - It seems that the whole process of this song is getting over a pain that caught the artist off guard, like explaining the whole thing to himself. Taking the whole idea of flowers and spreading them like butter on sweat bread in this song is an amazing idea an creative as well.

The production is magical and there's a certain halo for this song that makes you feel the emotions Monaco's feeling - and that's just amazing.

Oliver Monaco

I've got the chance to get you all an exclusive look from the musician's mind about this release :

Monaco : This song is a narrative piece about a character with a significant other who’s been growing distant, and the character has a feeling that they’re not being faithful. They realize after seeing the significant other return from a trip that they have been with someone else, and they’re coming to terms with this. The song was primarily inspired by music by The Barr Brothers, but has other influences as well.

Check out 'Petals Are Falling' now in the link below and be sure to keep your eye open for more from Prints Of Monaco :

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